The Dirty Dozen by Valerie Cheers Brown

Please find “The Dirty Dozen” list which includes the top 12 fruits and veggies with the highest pesticide residues. Hopefully, you can share this and educate yourself. As a matter of fact, my new mantra is “Becoming Obsessed What Foods I Put Into My Body!”

I will post the dirty dozen on the very bottom of this blog and please do your own research and homework to see just what this God amazing water is doing for people!

Yes, you are definitely ingesting pesticides!

The reason I am writing this is that I think the new millennium should be Kangen water should be used to clean our foods and fruits.  If we are ever going to get rid of cancer, we must begin changing the way we live.

In Japan, they use Kangen water in hospitals, daycares, schools, restaurants, etc. Kangen water has got to be taken more seriously.  After all, it got me off of prescription medications and detoxed my body cells!

This video you are about to watch is true and I am a testimony of what Kangen water will and can do and I no longer take any prescription medications and have no need for them anymore and I was born with SLE, Scoliosis, and Asthma.

I no longer take any medications which doctors said I would have to be on for the rest of my life!

What more proof do we need before every single home in America has the Enagic machine which produces Kangen water?

You know how people in California don’t drink tap water?

Well, we in this country need Kangen water and then cancer will no longer happen!

It tells you in this video how if the cells in the body are healed, the body will begin to heal any disease and the body heals itself.

I believe this would be like what healing the mitochondria and don’t quote me but aren’t body cells what they are and if it is not healed no matter what prescription drugs you take you will never get better but with the Kangen water the cells begin to be healed so the body can heal itself.

Doesn’t this sound logical?

Please check the video out and I have written about this many times but God gave me direction to post a blog just to remind you that cancer is happening right now as we speak and many of us may not even know that we have it because of what we eat, i.e. pesticides on our fruits & veggies!

What more proof do we need my fellow people around the world.

This is in no way a sales pitch and I am working on getting my own machine still, but God has provided me with alkaline water which is not the same in other ways until He blesses me with everything I could possibly need soon!

Do your own research and if you can afford the machine, I pray that more people purchase one.  When you get the machine and put your fruit in a bowl and pour Kangen water onto it, you will be sick when and what you see which will turn the water a funny looking dirty brown color which comes off of your fruit and vegetables!

Research conducted by USDA scientists in 2007-2008 found 51 pesticides on kale and 41 pesticides on collard greens. Several of those pesticides -famoxadone, dieldrin, oxydemeton, chlorpyrifos, DDE and esfenvalerate are extremely toxic.

Stay safe: Shop smart and buy organic whenever you can. It’s always a good idea to shop from Local farmers’ markets.




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