Chiropractor, Anyone? by Valerie Cheers Brown

“Keep your head up and don’t let anything get to you. Always keep good posture. You will understand when you get older why it was imperative!”

Do you know that healing is an art?

Well, chiropractors from my own experience are some of the best artists when it comes to well-being!

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What if schools, colleges, even jobs had a chiropractor on site?

Did you know that by having good posture we have fewer aches and pains?

I remember when chiropractors were not thought of as REAL doctors.

You want to know why?

Because they never carried pads or were not ever known for writing very many prescriptions!

If they did write something out for you, it would be for a spine pillow or therapy tools which would help correct the body’s posture which you could even have in your home to sleep on.

When I can afford it my dream has been to buy one of those expensive mattresses which protect the body while you sleep and can hardly wait because my mattress is shot and making due with what I have right now and grateful but…

I know what it means to have a good night’s rest because I was at given a spine pillow by my chiropractor, which when I looked at how much it cost, it was over a hundred dollars,  but so well worth the price of my spine is in place, even when I sleep after having suffered with ‘Occipital Nerve Damage’ in my lifetime.

That pillow helped my wellbeing increasingly!

What if we had chiropractors at our jobs or even in our schools?

Wouldn’t it be better for our kids to see a chiropractor rather than being given pills by the school nurse per doctor?

Most of the time I have found through experience when we sit or stand for long periods of time, we pull muscles and sitting properly is very important.

When in pain, many things can go wrong,

When posture is not focused in what we carry, the way we sit, the shoes we put on our feet, we suffer and many others parts of our body suffer and we, in turn, have to take off of work or not go to school.

I will tell you a secret why most of our kids are having headaches today is because of those damn backpacks pulling on their spine making them have bad posture which can cause headaches.  Another reason our kids have headaches is that of the shoes they put on their feet.

Name brand sports shoes don’t protect your spine and don’t have good support for walking, sitting and/or standing for long periods of time.

Mothers out there, babies need Buster Brown and/or Stride Rite shoes to support their little ankles, calves, etc. and many of you know what I am talking about who are much older right now and not having to use canes, walkers, etc. was because of a big life saver and that was because of the shoes, our parents put on our feet.

I just think we need to concentrate more on our wellbeing now in this country and not just when you get home but anywhere you spend a big portion of the time.

Say for example: When on a break at work we could go to see the chiropractor where they will massage those pressure points using a wellbeing tool up and down the back aligning us back to good feelings making our wellbeing so much better.

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You would be surprised how having a chiropractor at school, on jobs, and in colleges, we could possibly cut down on being sick, absenteeism, and even tardiness because we rest better when our pressure points are intact.

It is surprising what the touch of the hands can do to heal parts of the body, the head (decreasing migraines), the hands, the back, the legs, the back, etc.

Do your homework and find out what the chiropractor does and their healing processes are amazing and you will feel so much better!

Heck, perhaps parents should consider taking kids to the chiropractor maybe once a month and even yourself and we should be visiting them way more than the dentist which causes stress also.

Chiropractors are not just to be seen after being in an accident. Find one and take the family to visit them regularly when you are stressed and see how the body, mind, and soul improves!

If you don’t protect your posture now, later you will pay for it! If you don’t take care of your posture right now, the body will let you know, i.e. headaches, tingling hands, legs, feet, etc.

Think chiropractors on site where you spend the majority of the time.  Mention it to your company, school, college and they can only say no, but I’ll bet if enough of you fight for it, it will happen!

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“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” – Marthei Ueshiba











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