Risk vs Reward by Valerie Cheers Brown

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the LORD and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your BODY and STRENTH for your BONES. – Proverbs 3:7-8 NLT

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You may wonder why this blog is under my ‘DIET” blogs, well, food is my medicine, but don’t society act like chemotherapy is?

Why oh! Why is chemotherapy continuously being administered into patients veins and then called a treatment when if gotten onto the skin it will burn the skin?

“I lost my sister to cancer, but I am beginning to wonder it was the cures that killed my sister and not cancer?”

“God designed our bodies so beautifully that they are designed to heal itself.”

As I would like to think, the greatest wonder of all is that every single one of us began as just two cells, one from mother and one from father. Through a phenomenal procedure, your body’s intrinsic insight and inconceivable recuperating power shaped this amazing perfect work of art… you! What a fantastic body we have. Every one of these procedures and capacities and frameworks cooperates agreeably to keep our wellbeing in parity. That is the plan, that is what is typical, that is what is regular.

The Key to health is staying healthy and as long as we take care of our body and work with the laws of nature our bodies heal themselves naturally. However, there is one main element that interferes with our body’s ability to heal and this is stress and if the immune system is sick we are sick and our body begins to deteriorate unless we feed it with healing nutrition or sustenance.

If chemotherapy drugs are carcinogenic, which means causes cancer, why are they put into the veins? I want to know why would anybody put themselves through something which is labeled “Carcinogenic?”

If the nurses and/or specialists which administer the chemo drugs to the patient protect their skin from exposure, what in the hell is a person allowing themselves to be put through and why put this poison into the veins?

If the administer is not protected, these chemicals would burn through their skin, but they have not a problem putting it in your veins? Why?

What is puzzling is why, oh why do people allow a disease to be a death sentence when it doesn’t have to be?

What is the method to this madness and clearly, we are missing something aren’t we?

What is riskier than becoming exposed to these chemicals and dying and this means the person administering it to the patients is just as crazy aren’t they?

If the body is designed to heal itself why can’t cancer heal itself if fed properly with healing foods?

I don’t understand what is happening when it comes to common sense and please help me understand.

There are testimonies all over the world of people having success a very different protocol using micronutrients which are healing the mitochondria.

The question asked: Can the body heal itself?

There are many green plants which grow without us even planting seeds which are called very quickly “unwanted weeds!” I beg to differ and I wonder if this is medicine for us grown by God?

“Listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you.” – Huron

“You could try to focus all your mental power on your skin not healing, and yet your skin would heal itself anyway. That’s because your body is a powerful self-healing organism. It heals itself automatically, innately, without your conscious awareness or involvement.”

Mother Nature Heals

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Note: Your immune system is what keeps you alive.

I have written so many blogs on eating colors which fight diseases and we even have many spices and herbs in our kitchen cabinets.

Better than that, those unwanted weeds Roundup speaks about are medicine too!

Nobody but God knows our body better than we do, but when it comes to our body and how we feel, we have power over our own bodies. Nobody knows our bodies better than we do, not even a doctor. When we hand ourselves over to the flesh or doctor, we are setting our body up for failure and I know from experience.

Addressing the symptom instead of covering up the problem never helped anybody and if it did, we would hear more on the news that so in so has been cured,

Will we ever hear on the news that we have found the cause of cancer?

No, they won’t because they only treat the symptom with their conventional therapies and many poisonous toxic prescription drugs and therapies and it is about money and not healing or finding cures.

Would it not be logical that cancer is not the cause of our sick body, but it is the effect of a sick body. And the question is what is being doing about this, and when will something be done about this in all reality?

Would it not be logical to find therapies i.e. foods that would strengthen the body’s immune system so the body can heal itself. We should not want to hurt our immune system, should we? Well, what do you think man’s therapies, i.e. chemotherapy do? Don’t you want to build the immune system up and not destroy it?

What happens when the immune system is not functioning properly? It throws the body healing process off completely doesn’t it? Look at the common cold and what do we do to feel better? We boost our immune system by putting Vitamin C and eating foods to boost our immune system so it can heal itself, don’t we? Well, this is what I radically did when I stopped all prescription drugs, I did all natural God healing foods and used them as my fuel for healing.

Every single thing in nature is medicine and I know for fact and research and try new things all of the time! Every single Mother Nature creations we walk or drive by every single day are medicine and even rocks/crystals heal the body, soul & mind. Heck even dirt enhances your health and every single thing from the air we breathe to the trees which are so very healing and the sound of water is medicine.

We need to have a rational discussion on how marijuana heals and has even decreased crime in cities, i.e. and even helped lower the opioid crisis and helps with people with any kind of addiction.

Note: They don’t teach doctors in medical school that the body’s natural self-repair comes from the natural mechanism and help only when the nervous system is in the relaxation response.

Do your own homework and see how legalizing marijuana has lowered and dropped violent crime in border states, i.e. Mexico.  There are studies out there with findings and evidence.


According to this study, violent crime has fallen in the bordering states by an average of 13% since the legalization of cannabis and homicide rates have dropped too.

It clearly suggests that the decrease is attributed to cannabis users no longer having to rely upon the black-market products from Mexico which we know the bulk of product consumed in the U.S. for decades.

WHO even reports findings no health risks or abuse for Cannabis Oil.  The United States has got wake up and save and help many people in our world and it is about time for things to change, i.e. healing, lowering disabilities, lowering crime rates, etc.

CBD still remains to be classified as a Schedule I controlled substance and how silly is this when there are clearly thousands of people coming forth giving testimonies how cannabis is helping people in pain.

The federal government has got to take a stance and change their view for helping people get better and not worse, don’t you think?

“Don’t give up just because of what someone said. Use that as motivation to push harder.” – Valerie Cheers Brown


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