No One Should Go To Jail For a Plant by Valerie Cheers Brown

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Marijuana/cannabis as a therapeutic choice has surfaced ordinarily all through history. Marijuana laws have changed early view of cannabis. Marijuana as a mending component is referenced over 3,500 years back and the open deliberation over its restorative utilize proceeds right up ’til the present time.

Therapeutic cannabis’ medical advantages have been discussed for a considerable length of time. The most punctual specify of medicinal cannabis utilize was by Shennong, an early leader of China, who found the plant’s mending properties. Be that as it may, Shennong, who probably existed over 6,500 years back, appears to be more myth than recorded figure, as no confirmation of his reality has surfaced.

The accompanying are seven imperative dates in medicinal pot history, including laws that finished a period when pot was a famous remedy for specialists:

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1500 B.C.E.

Strong confirmation of therapeutic utilize appears over 3,500 years back.
Despite the fact that the utilization of weed likely originates before it, the Ebers Papyrus, a report from around 1,500 B.C.E., recounts the utilization of cannabis for restorative purposes among the Egyptians.   This is considered the earliest confirmed reference to medical marijuana in history.

1 A.D.

The utilization of marijuana for therapeutic reasons started to develop all through history.  A Chinese medical collection from 1 A.D. records marijuana as a guide or cure for more than 100 therapeutic issues, with intestinal sickness and ailment among them.

2nd Century A.D.

One of the most punctual known references to anesthesia originates from China, and it includes cannabis. Doctor Hua Tao created something he called mafesian, which was a sedative produced using wine and cannabis. His utilization of cannabis-related anesthesia in the second century is imperative, for the utilization of weed, as well as on the grounds that he was the primary individual in China credited with using anesthesia.

The thankfulness and appreciation for cannabis as a therapeutic plant proceeded through to the Middle Ages, and no laws were truly implemented since specialists of the time discovered positive uses for it. William Turner, an English botanist, wrote, wrote in his 1538 book “A New Herbal” that the hemp plant had great uses for prescription and that it could help with burns.

To pay tribute to 420, here are seven maladies/diseases and conditions that you might not know are being treated with medicinal cannabis/marijuana:

Menstrual Cramps

The recuperating/healing properties of pot have been utilized for thousands of years to treat various ailments,  yet the plant has been disapproved and frowned upon in American culture as of not long ago. Starting at now, about portion of the United States has authorized pot for restorative utilize, and an ever increasing number of states are starting to sanctioning it recreational.

While menstrual spasms or cramps are not in fact a malady/disease, they are as yet an immense issue for ladies who encounter weakening torment while on their period. For a few ladies, smoking weed can help facilitate the inconvenience of period spasms.

Whoopi Goldberg as of late established a restorative cannabis organization, Whoopi and Maya, which particularly targets ladies. The organization offers four items: an analgesic, a tincture, tasting chocolate and a shower splash. These items are injected without breaking a sweat the agony of period spasms, which can be to a great degree agonizing for some ladies. Along these lines, in the event that you live in a state where they’re legitimate, Whoopi’s items could be some common other options to that monster jug of Midol in your pharmaceutical bureau.

Multiple Sclerosis

As indicated by early-stage studies, patients who utilized pot or marijuana encountered a noteworthy decrease in their muscle spasms, tremors, agony and muscle stiffness & pain. Likewise noted, members who were given marijuana or cannabis extracts were found to have encountered better rest quality amid the trial than the individuals who weren’t.


Marijuana is being utilized to facilitate the side effects or symptoms of Alzheimer’s patients, which incorporate hostility, tension/anxiety, sorrow/depression, a sleeping disorder/insomnia and mental trips/hallucinations. All the more imperatively, be that as it may, marijuana/weed has been proven to moderate the creation of beta-amyloid proteins, which researchers/scientists believe are the primary supporters of the movement of Alzheimer’s. This implies the plant might conceivably forestall or if nothing else postpone the onset of the illness.

Murphy, M. P., & LeVine, H. (2010). Alzheimer’s Disease and the β-Amyloid Peptide. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease : JAD19(1), 311.


Despite the fact that no cure has been found yet, HIV/AIDS patients can in any case discover some alleviation for their manifestations with medicinal cannabis.  In a study of HIV-positive people, the individuals who smoked pot were found to eat better, rest better, put on weight, encounter better a mind-set and have less neuropathic torment than the individuals who don’t.


This one may appear to be really conflicting or even contradictory, as smoking is generally not beneficial for your lungs. In  recent studies late investigations have demonstrated that weed is not just significantly less destructive to your lungs than cigarettes and tobacco, yet it additionally has a widening impact on human aviation routes. In this way, it’s really helping individuals with asthma to inhale all the more effectively.

Epilepsy & Seizures

You’ve possibly officially found out about this one.  It has been recently making headlines  as truly newsworthy as an ever increasing number of guardians of youthful epilepsy patients have been pushing for therapeutic weed as an accessible treatment. Be that as it may, just in the event that you haven’t, you should realize that cannabidiol (CBD), a compound of cannabis that does not contain psychoactive properties (implying that it doesn’t get you high), is being utilized to treat individuals with epilepsy or who experience the ill effects of seizures. In 2015, specialists at NYU found a 50 percent diminish in the recurrence of seizures for individuals utilizing CBD.

Thank you to Carlin Becker of Elite Daily for “The Seven Diseases That Marijuana Is Helping To Treat Now.” 



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