God Lessons by Valerie Cheers Brown

As a child God showed me how to help myself through helping others and no matter what others have always told me, it builds my strength, courage and health up helping and serving others! I work for God and have always as a kid I guess you could say.

He also showed me that anything we are born with, anything we are given at birth can be turned into a blessing for self, help somebody and then a double blessing for a healing showing the world what He did for you and if He did it for you, He will and can do it for you too.

I consider myself so blessed when I was born with degenerative disease at birth when other babies were born with congenital crippling diseases, i.e. polio, thalidomide exposure, DES (causing cancer later on in life), over x-ray exposure (causing cancer). etc. and were so much worse than myself. I am blessed because God gave me the ability to learn about myself through watching what my mother went through and later on in life, I researched, read and followed up on many things to help myself gain insight and then and only God showed me how important it is to help others on giving insight with His help to help His world.

Many children in the 1960’s, like the kindergartner pictured above, were born with phocomelia as a side effect of the drug thalidomide, resulting in the shortening or absence of limbs. (Photo by Leonard McCombe//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

It was doctors who prescribed thalidomide and pharmaceutical companies who made.
Who is to blame for so many children being born with disabilities in the 1950’s.
Why and what was it about the 1950’s which God had many lessons we can learn from right now today in 2017?
We can’t keep blaming and pointing fingers at another and we must learn to take our own lives into our hands. God gave us life, therefore it is up to us to have faith and trust in His healing our bodies but we must know Him in order to heal first our mind, body and soul and then the body can and will heal itself. You may ask how do I know, well I got a testimony!

These are a remarkable group of people some of whom have made outstanding achievements in their lives despite living with extreme levels of disability.  Read more about Thalidomide here.



The past is very important and when it comes to the past medical history such as these stories, it is important we know our past medical history and we can learn and improve our present with knowing about the past.

We cannot be afraid of asking questions. Don’t wait to hear what you think you want to hear, ask lots of questions now and keep journals if at all possible and put them somewhere for your family to find after you leave.

We may not understand why any of our mothers did some of the things which they did, but back then; why they kept secrets is beyond me?  It can be very detrimental to us all and for lack of knowledge we will surely will perish and it would seem to me a big reason why so many lives are being lost as such young ages.

This is just my opinion but it only takes common sense to realize why some things happened in the 1950’s.

We can learn so much from all of the mistakes made and the next generation will learn from our mistakes, but somebody has to be the leader and break the vicious cycles we live in right now today!

I guess that is why today we are stressing how important questions like are you pregnant before a doctor even writes a prescription out to you.  It is up to us to be truthful and make sure we know these things because when we don’t, we harm innocent lives, our babies and they have to live with our mistakes for the rest of their lives.

I am a product of man’s mistakes and my mother kept close when she went to the doctors and I think she did this because she knew this child of hers would ask questions, therefore, I would do something with this information one day.  My mother was right and I am here to let you know that God blessed me to be the first born child, a female, born with degenerative disease and by being the first born I was truly blessed so I got to share my story about how God works.

By me being the first born and a girl I truly do believe made a miracle child. Being the first I had the same blood factor as my mom and any child after that born with her same blood factor did not live, but I was saved by being first!

Now, don’t quote me but I do know this much and I am alive to tell you what my mom experienced and why she lost babies but I am here and ready to share my story.

The blood tells a lot about us and do your homework and find out how important giving blood is also and how it can help with our own health and especially if we are born with diseases.  We are the candidates to help others who have diseases and who need blood!

Isn’t God good? Now, I consider myself a miracle baby because God chose me to be born in the 1950’s when many strange things were occurring and I just happened to read a lot and here I am writing to you.

There were so many blessed children born during the 1950’s who were born with crippling diseases who have great testimonies and just take a look at how blessed you really are.


A good book to read is Gerad Kite’s “Everything You Need You Have” on how to be at home in yourself.

There is a key sentence at the beginning of this book by psychotherapist and practitioner of five-element acupuncture Gerad Kite. He asks, ‘How often do you stop, and look inwards and find yourself content with what’s here and now? And how often do you hear someone else doing that: simply relishing the joy of the present?’ This important book guides you to find your own answers to living well with yourself.


When you have faith in God anything is possible.  It may not happen at once, but rest assure God never forgets us and I got a testimony of how and what He can and will do! I got a testimony and I owe it all to Him.

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