Fear Cancer No More by Valerie Cheers Brown


Actuality: Cancer and the man made cure is a failing procedure causing way too my lives to be taken.  The procedure is the cause and the tumor is the impact. Mauris Emeka’s book, Fear Cancer No More, draws from his own involvement with tumor and years of research and study. Points of exchange incorporate option disease treatment, all-encompassing tumor treatment, characteristic growth treatment, ionized water and malignancy, and acidic and antacid nourishments and growth.

The two books here address the cause, they manage ceasing the hidden procedure that causes malignant tumors to show up. Both books are very much inquired about and plainly composed. They talk about how to change the earth inside the body to fortify its safe framework, improve oxygen flow, and make the body less acidic.

The accentuation is on eating routine and way of life measures that change how we support our body to improve its recuperating power. Each book is ordered and accompanies a formula segment.

Tumor is a considerable measure like fire, both need certain things keeping in mind the end goal to exist and spread. Fire needs air, wood, and dry conditions. Tumor needs an absence of oxygen, extraordinary corrosive pH, and a powerless invulnerable framework. Rather than swatting the smoke these books can help put out the fire!

Cancer No More - Mauris Emeka



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