Secret Ingredient by Valerie Cheers Brown

First I want to thank God and I want to thank Amy Hart and Jeffrey Smith for this movie trailer “Secret Ingredients.”

I really do think what we put into our bodies is changing us mentally, physically and bodily harm!

I have prayed and followed God’s direction and am so happy to see changes coming around beginning with meals being delivered and got the idea from the Dabbawalla meals with all healthy natural ingredients available to make the meal a healthy and complete sustenance for our bodies!

I am so privileged to write this blog and God is giving to me and using me as His utensil and I am working my ass off until my voice is heard!

I am noticing things occurring when drinking tap water and I am paying attention to my own body.

I am not a scientist, but I am a concerned mom, grandmother, aunt and child of God and it is time for us to change what we drink and eat.

We must stop buying and start growing and begin living long prosperous lives God intended for us and when it is our time He will direct us in His path toward righteousness.

We must stop drinking tap water and stop using it to rinse our foods and stop letting it build up into our bodies causing all kinds of sicknesses, diseases, viruses, cancer and even death amongst us.

We are turning into the sickest country in the history in my lifetime and I want to leave this life knowing that my grandson has a chance to grow and live and fulfill his dreams and not leave this place like so many are doing at such young and way too soon ages!

Please take a look at this video and we are making headway and our voices are being heard.

I am super pissed that what happened to my mom, my dad and my baby sister Kathy! I am so frustrated I don’t know what to do and what my mom, my dad and my baby sister, Kathy went through was so uncalled for and I have had it and it is time for us to do something my People!

I am sick of my siblings having to use a nebulizer to breath and suffer so badly with asthma as I once did, but my God directed my grandmother and I healed!

God is in control and it is time to work for nobody but God PEOPLE!

Please share this trailer and these are the kinds of things we should be watching as a family, a church family, a school family, all in this country!

Everytime I think about what my mother went through with all of those medications in her body so much that toward the end she could not control her own body and I had to literally pull her bowels out so she could live!

My dad was a God fearing man who loved everybody and he did not deserve to have all of those strokes which I knew would happen and had confrontations with his doctor who I despised and He wanted me away from him but I know what he did to my dad with all of those damn medications some he was not even supposed to be taking as a diabetic!

My sister Kathy was on so many medications it made me cringe and I am so sad that I could not help my sister but I am so happy that I can be here to help stop this from happening to others!  The cancer did not kill my sister, Kathy but the cures sure did!

Oh! I almost forget when using my body as a guinea pig I am seeing my stomach look like  I am about 4-5 months pregnant. I walk, I eat healthy but when I put that Toxic tap water into my body along with my foods which may not be what they are but have to eat what I can while I can, something is not right?

I drink my alkaline water but when mixing with toxins defeating the purpose and my body is very confused and doesn’t know whether to be a flat stomach or leaky gut protruded belly!


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