More Medicine Less Curing by Valerie Cheers Brown

Aren’t you sick of commercials of new medications?

Wouldn’t it be good news to just once see commercials of how a medication has cured?

How would you like to see more health food stands with produce and less pharmacies?

I became medication free in 2010 and it took for me to actually hit rock bottom to get the shock of my life!

While being the walker I am I began noticing how green plants were popping up all over the place and I also watched God’s creations and which foods they stayed around as if they were invited to dinner.

I began doing research and using myself as the study.

I was also introduced to this remarkable Kangen water in 2010 and the rest is history and is when I became totally drug and medication free.

Recently, in 2016 I became OTC medication free and was relying upon Benadryl for some odd reason or another.  I had this inner itch which I found to be pruritis which I found to be a systemic disease. Being born with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which I take no medication at all for should tell you how blessed I really am.

This is when I decided that if I were going to drink healthy water this was a sign that what I ate had to be also and this is when I began using lots and lots of God’s foods for my medicine instead prescribed medication.

I will be happy to have my very own Enagic machine one day, but for now I wrote so much that an investor made sure Schnucks in Saint Louis had and I could tell the difference immediately after drinking for awhile.  I drink Alkaline water for the time being, but it makes a big difference of how I feel and the tap water does not give me energy !I began doing research, observing as I walked all of the green plants, came back and the rest is history.

I began doing research, observing as I walked all of the green plants and also flowers and came back and the rest is history.  I also found out that plants in our front and backyards are food just growing and waiting for us to use as medicine instead of medication.

So, I guess you could say that God used me as His vessel to spread the Good News!

I also began researching others countries which made sure everybody ate healthy than we do here in the United States.  One I found to be quite exciting and very interesting was Mumbai, where I got introduced to the Dabbawalla lunch packs.  I  began doing more research and then wrote many blogs on how these could be done here in the United States using all God’s healing foods and how we could get meals in the mail in a matter of days and eat healthy to improve our well-being in this country.

Mumbai is a city found in Maharashtra, India. It is located 19.07 latitude and 72.88 longitude and it is situated at elevation 8 meters above sea level.

Mumbai has a population of 12,691,836 making it the biggest city in Maharashtra. It operates on the BURT time zone.

The dabbawala are an incredible organization of over 5000 people in Mumbai. The word “Dabba” loosely means “lunch box”; “walla” means carrier or deliver man. But them together and you get “Lunch box carrier”. In this case it refers to a stackable tin box used for hot meals called the tiffin.

I am so proud to say that when God gave to me these visions, I began doing and now I am so proud and happy to not only say I am seeing my visions come to reality, but I feel good just knowing that I had a part in making these things happen!


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