Bouncing Back To Health by Valerie Cheers Brown

Do you know what something as simple as bouncing a ball could do for healing and improving the body, soul and mind?

Do you know that bouncing a ball to music is good for lifting the spirits and also helps with forgetfulness?

I have no stats to share because there are none that I could find, and I just know from first-hand experiences.

Do you know that bouncing a ball to music can help you not be afraid to fail?

When in grade school back in the 1960’s at Walbridge Elementary, I will never forget that gym was actually one of my favorites.

You may ask why would anybody like gym besides it being that you get to move around and go outside sometimes and when raining you would have gym inside?

We would not have gym inside because it was cold and guess why the cold does not really bother me walking as an adult today.

The reason I loved gym was because doctors told me and my parents that I would not be able to participate because I had asthma so bad.

I proved them wrong and not only did I continue and love gym while enduring struggles, I no longer have asthma today as an adult of 63 years old.

I not only had asthma but I also was born with a degenerative disease called Scoliosis which over a period of time actually is suppose to get worse.

Again, I am 63 years old, not on any medication, walk a lot regardless of the weather and still do not have asthma any longer.

I had asthma so bad as a kid that my dad would have to sometimes come home from work and take me to the emergency room!

So, this is why I loved gym and it was definitely one of my favorite things to do and we did all kinds of activities such as dancing dances from different cultures, bouncing balls to all kinds of music, track and field, softball, tetherball, etc.

Back then in the 1960’s we did lots of fun things during gym and I am grateful to share with you why I so loved gym and I so love my life at 63 years of age and still active and able to do things on my own.

Each and every day I wake up is a blessing in my life and I love reminiscing about good times when younger and those bouncing balls day were wonderful.  I still do and enjoy especially to music, i.e. Green Onion.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if schools utilized and had as part of their curriculum bouncing balls as a therapy, and it is a useful therapy for lots of health issues such as: ADD, ADHD, asthma, all kinds of degenerative diseases, and all kinds of disabilities? Even if in a wheelchair, you could participate with the bouncing.

I was and am still the type when you tell me I cannot do something, I will show you better that I can tell you and with faith and God as my Lord and Savior I can do all things which are possible, no matter what you may say is wrong with me.

There is nothing more discouraging and very sad than a teacher, doctor, or even parent who teaches their child that they should watch what they do when they are sick or what society says you may not be able ! All this does is as you get older you dwell on pity parties and talk about your illnesses all of the time.

Yes, it is good to listen to people but encourage and share with them why those same things wrong with them didn’t stop you from first wanting to get better and second actually doing it! Maybe they will listen and if not, you did all you can do and the rest is up to them and their God.

Bouncing is good for your mind, body and soul and I think it should be used in nursing homes especially and could help with remembering and especially the very early stages.

Bouncing a ball or balls could be a great therapy which could be used in all different mental illness capacities to help to calm the mind down.  With music it is more of a challenge and allows you to learn how to keep the beat and also when you drop just pick right back up and begin where you left off.

ADD and ADHD children could also be helped with bouncing a ball.

I leave you with a video which I will share showing you just how much fun you can have doing something so simple as bouncing a ball to music and different music puts you in such a different and amazing peaceful mood and mindset.


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