Thirsty For Justice by Valerie Cheers Brown

This is a blog about a dream of industry pioneer kids called the Dream Team from around the world who share their expert opinion about POTABLE water and how they were thirsty for justice.

They wanted to continue the fight to add a new article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and pick up where FLOW producer Steven Starr at the United Nations presented the petition to add an Article 31, The Right To Water, on the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In 1948, the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights were ratified by all the nations of the world.

These 30 articles guaranteed a broad sweep of human rights across many human endeavors from Life to Liberty to Freedom of Thought.

Now, almost 70 years later, recognizing that over a billion people across the planet lack access to clean and potable water and that millions die each year as a result, it is imperative to add one more article to this historic declaration, POTABLE water, and the Right to Water.

We, the Dream Team call upon the United Nations to add a 31st article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishing access to POTABLE waters as a fundamental human right.

We, the Dream Team believe the world will be a better place with good well-being now and longevity in health for the future when the Right To Potable Water is acknowledged by all nations as a fundamental human right, and that this addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights represents a major step towards the goal of potable water for all.

Together we stand, divided we fall and the Dream Team kids believed that water is a right and not just a privilege!


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