Why Are So Many People Dying? by Valerie Cheers Brown

I begin to ask, “Why are so many people dying in this country and does anybody even care to find out why a loved one died unexpectedly, especially when so young or even older and not sick, but all of a sudden gets sick because they begin a new medication?”

Do people realize how important it is to take medications from prescription bottles as prescribed?

Do people really realize the many contradictions when taking OTC with prescription medication?

Has anybody noticed how tv ads are actually going over a few of the whole entire prescribed medication contradictions reading them on the television out loud?

Is this telling people how important it is to take medications as prescribed and know and contact the FDA if you have any side effects?

Could this be why so many people are dying?

Let’s take a look at prescribed medication and how serious side effects:

Physician endorsed medications can spare lives, however, they can likewise accompany undesirable reactions. It’s critical to recollect that not all medications are protected.

With record quantities of patients enduring or dying as an aftereffect of physician endorsed side effect, many ask why solutions that are viewed as risky are permitted available. In all actuality, almost all solutions, both over-the-counter and remedy, have some sort of undesirable side effect and now and then perilous eventual outcomes, from muscle spasms to death. Indeed, even with the government directions that supervise these medications, symptoms are inescapable. For government controllers, however, the advantages at times exceed the threats.

Every year, around 4.5 million Americans visit their doctor’s office or the emergency room in light of antagonistic physician recommended medication side effect reactions. A startling 2 million different patients who are as of now hospitalized endure the evil impacts of physician recommended pharmaceuticals every year, and this when they ought to be under the careful gaze of medicinal professionals.Prescription drugs accompany genuine side effect symptoms.

A wide range of prescriptions, from those that are viewed as “all natural” to those that are chemically produced in a research laboratory, convey some kind of delayed consequence.of side effects.   Despite the fact that professionally prescribed medications should experience stringent testing and clinical trials, government drug regulators permit a level of side effect reactions. What’s more, most symptoms change from individual to individual, contingent upon the dose, the patient’s ailment, age, weight, sex, ethnicity general wellbeing, and diet.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which supervises all new medication applications, relies on upon clinical trials led by the medication organizations to decide the medication’s restorative focal points and detriments. The FDA should and is supposed to only approve drugs that have greater benefits than dangers.

Once the medication is available, the FDA’s postmarket surveillance program, called MedWatch, becomes possibly the most important factor. This intentional program permits human services experts to report the unfriendly impacts they find in patients taking the medication. What’s more, medication organizations are relied upon to report issues.

Do physicians let patients know that if they have any problems they should call the 1-800 numbers at the FDA and complain?

Sadly, it’s a system that is advanced for abuse.

How Serious Are Side Effects? 

Notwithstanding regular reactions, many medications cause hazardous symptoms. On the off chance that a medication has various issues, the FDA can add notices to the medication’s name, including its stringent discovery cautioning. In uncommon cases, the medication is reviewed or expelled from the market.


From dangerous tumor to deadly heart attacks, some professionally prescribed medications have been known to bring about either moderate or prompt passing. In some cases physician endorsed medications, for example, penicillin fortifies unfavorably susceptible responses that cause anything from tingling to an anaphylactic reaction, which can prompt to death. In different cases, a medication can bring about a fatal heart assault or stroke, which has been found in patients who take the sort 2 diabetes drugs Avandia or Actos.

Different medications may make patients do things they wouldn’t conventionally consider, including suicide. Medications, for example, Accutane and a few antidepressants have been connected to self-destructive musings or activities.

Physical Debilitation

Many medications can be physically and candidly crippling, including creating aggregate or fractional loss of motion or extreme agony. This incorporates migraines, stomachaches, joint and muscle torment and diminished control over real capacities.

Once in a while, these reactions are created by the medication’s desensitizing impact on the range of the cerebrum in charge of torment discernment. Lipitor, a generally endorsed cholesterol pharmaceutical, is connected to sudden muscle torment and loss of muscle coordination.

Heart Conditions

Issues identified with the heart, including heart assaults, congestive heart disappointment, deep-rooted heart harm and cardiomyopathy, have been connected to numerous physician endorsed drugs. Once in a while, the medications cause an expansion in water-weight gain weight, which causes heart problems or a heart attack. Such is the situation with Avandia and its sister medication, Actos. Different medications, including the painkiller Celebrex, have been turned out to be risky to the point that many physicians decline to endorse them for long haul utilize.

Notwithstanding these medications, thinks about demonstrate that testosterone substitution treatment (TRT) drugs like AndroGel may twofold the danger of heart assault in men. Also, taking Viagra with other medications can be an instant heart attack and from what I have seen with my own eyes they can be purchased two at a time!


Portrayed as the quick loss of cerebrum capacity because of a blood stream unsettling influence, strokes have been connected to a few sorts of physician endorsed drugs. At times, the medications cause blood clumps to shape.

At the point when these coagulations travel through the body, they can hinder the blood stream to the cerebrum. Some antipsychotic drugs, incorporating drugs utilized as a part of Alzheimer’s treatment, for example, Risperdal, are connected to strokes. Different medications, including the painkiller Vioxx, are likewise connected to stroke.


Likely a standout amongst the most stunning and overpowering symptoms of professionally prescribed medications is the malignancy. Maybe that is on account of a great many people spend their lives maintaining a strategic distance from referred to cancer-causing agents, for example, cigarette smoking. At the point when patients discover that their physician endorsed medications can be cancer-causing, they feel furious and deceived.

A standout amongst the most stunning medicine growth associations came when Tamoxifen, a medication used to treat bosom malignancy, was found to build the danger of uterine tumor. Moreover, Actos, a medication that should ease diabetes side effects, is connected to an 80 percent expanded danger of bladder disease in those taking the medication two years or more.

A few medications have been connected to other critical reactions, including losing the feeling of taste, amnesia, and dementia.

The main reason I became prescription free from all medications both OTC and prescribed in 2010 is because they can cause mental illness and I was heading in that direction along with even tying street drugs, cocaine was my self-medicating drug of choice.

For most patients, the most ideal approach to battle these issues is to precisely read the medication’s directions and ask the specialist or drug pharmacist lots and lots of questions and keep a journal when taking medication and it may be important if something were to happen to you or your loved one.

Make sure you ask the pharmacists for medication or prescription drug labels and READ PLEASE!

I still ask. “Why are so many people dying?”


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