Wishing for a Pain-free Life by Valerie Cheers Brown

What if I there was a place which taught you how to live without pain?

Could there be such a place besides when we dye here on earth?

Well, I think that there is and it is called having faith and listening to God.

The older I get I must admit I am listening and not only listening but doing what God specifically wants me to do. I think He handpicks his utensils and I am one for certain.

I think I was from the very beginning before I was even born.

My grandmother use to take me with her a lot and I can remember she talked to me lilke I was her wise age and some how I think she knew I would be the one!

This should be a piece of cake and I am learning to manage pain myself and it is not easy but you definitely have to mind the mind, body and soul to do as it tells you for it to work properly.. lol

It is true: what we think is what and who we become!

I still don’t and won’t believe that aging is about aches and pain.

My grandmother told me as long as you regularly go the bathroom you are more than halfway there, 4 living a long and healthy life, at least she did and she was 91 when she departed and she told us, “I am tired.” She also told me that riding  public transportation was good too and it allowed you listen and speak to people, a good therapy I have found and follow as she told me!

I put my headsets on and am pain-free most of the time!

Music has become my lover and my life and God creates talents!

But when I don’t have the music, the pain creeps back again!

But, thank God fo His talents he gives to people to give us this great medication that comforts and makes you forget about that pain you thought you had for any amount of time you choose.  Just keep the music playing on that head with those headsets on and I call them the needle which helps the medicine flow and pain hates music and it goes away!

Just think about it, you don’t have to get the music refilled, but you just put the headsets on and let the music play!

WARNING: Headsets work so much better when you listen to anything music or apersonn speaking and it is just something about the sound which is healing to the mind, body and the soul!

Music not only helps with pain but also helps when missing somebody!

So, what if there was a place which taught you how to live without pain?

I believe right here in the United States that place would be a chiropractor and I love them because they don’t have any need 4 medicine pads because they don’t prescribe medication and they can show us how to maintain the body like you do that automobile.

They help keep get those muscle points intact.

Actually, we have to want to be well maintained and pain-free and it takes dedication and a wanted change of direction .

Common sense told me that: Individuals can live without torment and pain. Some of the time individuals are so used to their present condition that they overlook what it resembles not to hurt.

I am not here to dispose of agony with the goal that individuals can experience the lives that they need to live. But I am telling you that you can get rid of pain without medication.

It begins with overhauling that body and keeping good maintenance and keep a journal of good vs bad days and I just bet you the good will outweigh the bad ones if you want to be pain-free.

But just what if you could do without medication and take baby steps toward becoming medication free starting right now?

Remember: Individuals can live without torment of pain. Some of the time individuals are so used to their present condition that they overlook what it resembles not to hurt.

The body needs an upkeep. We change the oil in our autos, we brush our teeth to maintain a strategic distance from depressions, yet we don’t generally consider what it takes to keep our muscles sound.



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