Water and People 1st by Valerie Cheers Brown

POWER and I don’t like using nor throwing this word around but: “When we understand this is how it works and not the other way around, we’ll have found the beginning of a solution to our problems.” – Valerie Cheers Brown

We the people in the United States of America it is time to amend the Constitution to add water as a human right.

“Everybody has the privilege and right to drinkable water.” This is what Slovenia’s most up to date article in their constitution states as the parliament voted 64-0 for the change.

This correction to their constitution will serve to make water a privilege for all individuals in Slovenia and will prevent it from being popularized. (read article below)

Is anybody with me and I need help?

I just saw an interesting article posted by David Wolfe the author  “Slovenia is standing up for our human right to have water. The country has ruled that it is not a commodity that can be privatized and that it is a necessity in which all humans have a right to have.”


The things we can learn from other cultures is essential.

We need to see somebody else’s courageous willpower and courage  to actually make a change by actually doing and we need to begin to make a change in the United States starting right now.

It is time for us do the same in the United States and it is time to heal this country and become the great country we once were!

Once more, this news comes at a flawless time for water defenders all around. In the event that a whole nation can change it’s constitution to secure water, then why right? While the test at Standing Rock proceeds on, this most recent story on Slovenia securing it’s kin and it’s water is a noteworthy triumph for humankind. In the event that you have companions or family securing water, please impart this uplifting news to them and the world. Light will dependably overcome darkness.




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