Food 4 Thought by Valerie Cheers Brown


The short time I studied at Saint Louis Univesity I treasured my “When We Meet God” student prayer handbook which I still hold onto like it is gold!

Being born with degenerative disease in 1953 was a blessing 4 me!

Degenerative means as we age it is supposed to worsen or deteriorate as we age.

I am here to give you some food 4 thought:

God gave me the passion 4 gymnastics as a kid and I honestly do believe it saved my life and why I am here speaking at age 63, NO LONGER ON any medications, AND how it was not easy but I did it and got off all pain, anti depressants, nausea, prescribed medications, etc.

I was so blessed to have parents who did see something in me which they allowed me to be myself and excel in and guess is why I am saying this today at this NOW moment!

We all make mistakes and I am saying I made many mistakes, but I thank God 4 allowing me to keep making and keep forgiving me many times in my life.

I apologize and have said many times it was the Kangen water, but this is nothing but God’s doing and anything that happens in life is because of Him.

I am so happy to be where I am NOW and without my past, there would be no NOW.

I guess what I am saying is that I don’t trust people who say you speak on your past too much and the hell with them, because if you don’t have a past, you got absolutely nothing to talk and celebrate the victory about to share with others to encourage others that there is HOPE after trials and tribulations.

NOW is so important and we need the past of when we were born to be here NOW!

Without knowing the past, it is impossible to understand the true meaning of the present. – Valerie Cheers Brown 



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