Ineffectiveness by Valerie Cheers Brown

I will enlighten you upon how medication’s ineffectiveness just might be the reason why we have such a high crime rate in the world!

Wouldn’t you think that if more people are on medications that we would have a healthy country?

Why is something which people rely upon and ingest showing the highest percentage rate of a higher ineffectiveness rate?

Where is the effectiveness rate and why don’t we have statistics showing positive results of actually helping a patient and actually curing?

This is astonishing!

The accompanying data is the most exact and recorded information accessible on psychiatric medication utilization. The data is from IMS Health, an organization that gives data, administrations and innovation for the social insurance industry. It is the biggest merchant of U.S. doctor recommending information. The accompanying information was taken from IMS Health Vector One National database Year 2013, Extracted April 2014. To discover the several medication administrative organization notices and archived symptoms for any class of psychiatric medication recorded on this page (i.e., ADHD Drugs, Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, and so on) tap the hyperlinks recorded beneath:

To see the total figures from IMS Health on the number of people taking ADHD drugs in the U.S., click here.

And We Wonder About Our Childen?

Could this be the cause of our high crime rate in this country?

ADHD Drug Warnings:

There have been 60 notices from nine nations (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, France, Denmark and Singapore) cautioning that ADHD drugs/stimulants cause destructive symptoms. These incorporate the accompanying (note that a few notices refer to more than one symptom, so the rundown underneath may not be equivalent to the aggregate number of notices):

  • 26 warnings on stimulants causing cardiovascular problems
  • 15 warnings on stimulants causing heart problems
  • 10 warnings on stimulants causing mania or psychosis
  • 9 warnings on stimulants causing death
  • 9 warnings on stimulants causing violence, hostility or aggression
  • 6 warnings on stimulants causing depression
  • 5 warnings on stimulants causing agitation or irritability
  • 5 warnings on stimulants causing suicide risk or attempts
  • 4 warnings on stimulants causing hallucinations
  • 4 warnings on stimulants causing anxiety
  • 3 warnings on stimulants causing seizures or convulsions
  • 3 warnings on stimulants causing addiction or dependence

Does this not look  like a cause for high crime rates in the United States? 

Now remember, this is just with ADHD prescribed medications and does not even begin to show anti-depressant medications not to mention the many millions of other legal prescribed drugs?




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