Healthy Eating Mumbai Dabbawalla Style by Valerie Cheers

A Dabbawala takes the lunch box from a house and delivers it to destination. Sounds straight and simple, isn’t it?
Join us in this journey with Dabbawala!
The journey starts:
Early in the morning a Dabbawala takes bath and do his pooja. Puts a tilak (religious mark) on his forehead and by 9 am he is out on the streets with his bicycle.
These bicycles are heavy. Their carriers are designed with extra iron to be able to take a lot of weight.
He moves through the Mumbai traffic to his assigned area and move up and down the multi-storied buildings to collect the tiffin boxes from homes.
Many old buildings don’t have elevators. But that’s not an excuse!
Just imagine running up and down a building a couple of times. Now multiply it by…10!  May be 20, depending on the area!
By the time he collects all these tiffins, it’s already about  10.30
On an average a destination is about 40 Km away!
He carries about 30-40 tiffins on his bicycle, fighting the bad roads, mud, traffic and now even Mumbai monsoons. No excuses!

 Image result for dabbawala pail lunch photo

Be that as it may, fortunately he is not the only one. He comes to the closest railroad station where Dabbawalas from various ranges accumulate. The tiffins are sorted according to their goal as indicated by Dabbawala coding framework.

At this point, a large portion of his tiffins are given over to other Dabbawala groups going to various parts of the town.

Our Dabbawala goes along with one of those groups. So he is additionally conveying tiffin boxes which doesn’t have a place with him.

This collaboration and trust is the thing that makes a typical Dabbawala do exceptional things.

He and his colleagues get tiffin boxes for their relegated goal and move them in head containers.

Need to do some computation? There are around 60 tiffin encloses one head box. You continue gussing about the weight. The Dabbawala don’t have sufficient energy to stop.

They convey it on the heads and run towards the railroad stages. The Mumbai stages are jam-stuffed at the pinnacle time, yet the dabbawalas move quick, move up and down the railroad spans with those cases on their heads.

A Dabbawala must catch the right prepare. Generally the Tiffin will be late. No reasons!

Indeed, even on the railroad stage some sorting is done if a tiffin is going on an unpredictable course.

There are more Dabbawala groups there. They all help each other to put the wooden containers inside the railroad gear compartment.

Presently in the gear compartment they have some time for each other! They share the news and other data. Every group lands on their appointed stations.

Our Dabbawala lands at Churchgate the keep going station on the track.

At this point, it will be 12 pm! One must rush. He takes the boxes on his head and surges out.

Outside churchgate it resembles a fabulous social affair of Dabbawalas. All doing their work. An awesome case in group working.

Indeed, even Prince Charles went to this site to see them in real life.

Here you will see them sorting dabbas according to their last goal.

Our Dabbawala at the end of the day give away his offer of tiffins to different groups.

At the end of the day, he goes along with one of the groups. They put countless in trollies and run towards the business focuses which are the last goals for these tiffins.

The activity is substantial in these focuses. They yell and shout and advance. People on foot clear a path for the dabbawalas. They know Dabbawalas don’t stop for anybody.

Once the dabbawala group achieve a business center point, they split at the end of the day. Each dabbawala assumes the liability of conveying the Tiffin boxes for discrete structures.

Presently you need to climb and down the high rises. Gratefully the vast majority of these structures have lifts.

By 1 pm all tiffin boxes are conveyed. Assignment

Dabbawalas all assemble at a spot. Implore together and have their lunch!

You think it was a basic errand?

Give me a chance to remind you, the occupation is just half done!

Dabbawala will take the void tiffins from the workplaces and will experience the same procedure once more, till the tiffin achieves home before 6 pm.

It’s a 9 hour work cycle!

They are doing it tirelessly for a long time.

Feels great when somebody makes careful arrangements to comprehend you.

I had a vision that we could have meals delivered like Mumbai Dabbawalla right here in the United States and now am seeing it happening. I just wrote it and shared it with the world. Anything is possible when we believe!

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