Long-Term Effects by God by Valerie Cheers Brown

First, We Got To Have Faith

Have you ever battled with anything in life and tried to fix it by using your way or man’s way?

Well, it will not work!

I am here to tell you that when I gave it to God, He fixed it!

When you call on Him and claim it out loud to Him, He listens!

I know He does!

It is hard to give and leave with God, isn’t it?

We as humans want to do it our way instead of praying and leaving it in God’s hands, don’t we?

I would love to share with you just how you can give it, believe it, have faith and let God fix anything in your life.

First, we must not only read the Bible, but we must believe God’s words in the Bible.

I hear folk say a lot, “I know the Bible forward and backward, yet they still complain about an ailment they are enduring!”

Just the other day, while at Bible study one of the main folk who is always shouting out loud and praising God, showed doubt in God’s healing and it bothered me.  So, I decided to express my feelings just how much it bothered me right here with you!

God is a healer and a fixer of all things, we just got to honor His holy word, have faith, have patience and BELIEVE in His healing so that we can share with the world how He healed us!

When I say He heals, I mean that He can fix what needs fixing, but first we must have faith in His healing and most of all BELIEVE in His healing.

The New Bible Cure for Diabetes

There are scriptural rules and late therapeutic discoveries that will help you anticipate or switch illness and disease long haul impacts. Dr. Colbert has removed the perplexity from diabetes and made it basic and straightforward.

During some reading this weekend, I came across an amazing doctor, Dr. Colbert’s book called, “The New Bible Cure For Diabetes,”  who has removed the perplexity from diabetes and made it basic and straightforward.

The New Bible Cure for Diabetes: Expanded Editions Include Twice as Much Information!

My father had diabetes, and I helped to take care of my daddy and I changed his diet without him knowing lots of the time and stayed very close with my dad at his home, where God has me right now residing!

My father was the hard head type, and guess that is where I get it from being sometimes stubborn and wanting to do things my way, but I had the best father in the world so being his daughter, the eldest and loving him so much, I acted liked he deserved to be around for awhile longer.

He worked all of his life so many jobs to provide for me, my mom and siblings to live a good life and not once had my mom, my siblings nor myself ever been without lights, a roof over our head, food, or clothing on our backs, and it was because of our father and his being close with God and providing for his family.  He even took care of others and made sure they ate too!

I began to change things gradually and I also began using the same things he needed to be using most of the time without his knowledge nor my family.  It just had to be done to keep him with us longer and he lived to be 80 years old!

Anyway, while reading this book by Dr. Don Colbert, MD, I was stunned in his beliefs which were my beliefs as early as a kid that what God grows is for our bodies healing.

I never really pursued any writing until I got the experiences from non-other than God himself from taking care of myself and both of my parents.

I will break the book down for you here as best I see fit and assure you that you will want to own a copy of this book for sure!

(to be cont’d)









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