Fruit or Vegetable? by Valerie Cheers Brown


Did you know this is aubergine? Looks like squash to me 😉 

Let’s see how many you get right before looking at the answer:

Answers are at the bottom and how many did you know without cheating?

Have some fun and perhaps you could do these at your next family gathering for prizes from Five Below and let them know I sent you!  😉

  1. Tomato
  2. Rhubarb
  3. Mushroom
  4. Olive
  5. Sweetcorn
  6. Butternut squash
  7. Potato
  8. Cucumber
  9. Aubergine
  10. Okra

I decided to write a blog post about food which is good for preventing you from having to take high blood pressure medicines, etc. and when any doctor tells you must begin taking high blood pressure medicine, tell them the next time you come back you will have eaten and changed your lifestyle so that will not be true and you will not have to take any prescribed medication, but instead feed your body with nutrition..

If you change your eating habits, exercise (this means walking even when you may not feel like it), get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and start to believe in yourself for a healing having faith it can happen!


  1. Tomato – Fruit
  2. Rhubarb – Fruit
  3. Mushroom – Veggie
  4. Olive – Fruit
  5. Sweetcorn – Veggie
  6. Butternut squash – Fruit
  7. Potato – Veggie
  8. Cucumber – Veggie
  9. Aubergine – Fruit
  10. Okra – Veggie

The general rule is that an edible plant can be categorized as a fruit if it has seeds, but if it is seedless, it is generally a vegetable.

Bet you didn’t know this did you?

More than half of the people surveyed knew that tomatoes were a fruit while 34 percent correctly placed cucumbers in the fruit family.

Top ten fruits commonly mistaken as vegetables:

1) Peapods – only 1 per cent could name it as a fruit

2) Aubergine – 3 per cent

3) Olives – 3 per cent

4) Butternut squash – 4 per cent

5) Pumpkin – 7 per cent

6) Pepper – 9 per cent

7) Avocado – 12 per cent

9) Courgette – 14 per cent

9) Cucumber – 34 per cent

10) Tomato – 52 per cent

Explanations to our quiz
1. Fruit. Tomatoes meet the botanical definition of a fruit – the seed-bearing part of a flowering plant.

2. Vegetable. Most of us eat rhubarb in dishes we associate with sweet fruits, such as crumble, but it is in fact a vegetable.

3. Other. A vegetable is usually defined as an edible plant, whereas a mushroom isn’t a plant at all – it’s part of the fungi kingdom.

4. Fruit. This Mediterranean favourite is the fruit of the olive tree

5. Other. Sweetcorn is unusual – it is a grain like wheat or barley, but can also be classified as fruit (each kernel is an ovary) or a vegetable.

6. Fruit. It’s generally used in savoury foods, but the squash is a fruit that grows on vines, like grapes.

7. Vegetable. People often describe potatoes as tubers, but botanically tubers are still part of the vegetable family. They are however classified nutritionally as a starchy food, and in Britain aren’t counted towards our “five a day”.

8. Fruit. Because it contains seeds, the cucumber is botanically a fruit.

9. Fruit. It contains seeds.

10. Fruit. Okra contains seeds, so is botanically a fruit.

Hope you learned something from this and happy eating healthy! 😉


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